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Hotels in London Ltd has been running www.hotels-london-hotel.com since 2001. Helping you to easily and confidently book the best value for money hotel accommodation in London is our goal. We offer you great deals on accommodation from luxury five star hotels to B&B's. We also offer secure online reservations, authentic hotel reviews, reviews of local tourist attractions, pubs and restaurants.

A Great Selection of Value for Money London Hotels

We offer one of the widest selections of London hotels at the best prices available. We know you as holiday and business travelers want value for money. With our large selection, you can choose from hundreds of value for money hotels. With so much choice hoteliers know that prices must be competitive. We also pass on any special deals hoteliers offer strait to you.

Secure Reservations for Your Peace of Mind

Our secure servers and privacy policy are build to give you confidence. Since 2001 we have seen security as a great issue online. All of the security in place and kept up-to-date. We design, implement and the test, test and test again to make sure your data is secure.

Authentic Reviews From People Who have Booked Using This Site

Unlike many other sites, the hotel reviews we show you here are by invitation only. We believe this makes the reviews more authentic than other web sites that let anyone put up a review. After all who is to say on those other web sites that the reviews are from people who have actually stayed there? They could be anyone, friend or foe, saying what they want with out justification. We only ask people who have booked using this site what they think, after they have stayed there. That means you get the truth about what each establishment is like.