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Things To Do in London During Autumn

Lets face it, London is a great place to go at any time of year. When you're thinking about going to London during autumn (September, October and November), here are some great spots that you can have some great fun at. Halloween at the London Dungeon is a great treat. Guy Fawkes night and the fireworks is also fun. The Mayors Thames Festival is gratis. Kew gardens has tours and lectures. The Lord Mayors show is one not to miss.

Halloween Trip to the London Dungeon

As London is a urban environment, one might not consider it as a worthy place to enjoy the great outdoors. But, there are plenty of things to do outside. For a start it's Halloween. So you and the family can dressing up for the night and also as an added extra you might consider a visit to the London Dungeon. Here you can find out about London's gory history. There is plenty to keep you and your loved ones entertained via audio, light shows and a great ride.

Guy Fawkes Night - Fireworks Night in London

An alternative is to come during the Guy Fawkes celebrations. It is often celebrated right across the city with fireworks shows and "Penny for the Guy" being asked by young people. If you like the look of the Guy they have produced, why not give them a bit of cash? It will make their night. Some good spots to enjoy this family night out might be Battersea Park, Alexandra Palace, the River Thames and many more. A night snuggling up while watching the night sky light up in an mixture of splendid colours is a great night out.

The Mayor's Thames Festival

Additionally there is the autumn splendour of The Mayor's Thames Festival. It costs nothing and happens each year along the River Thames. The main actions is on the South side of the River and also between Tower bridge and Westminster bridge. Its history stretches back to the last century and is now one of the largest gratis festivals in England.

So what actually happens I hear you ask? There are a good number of late night market stalls available along the river. Street entertainers come out and do their thing as well. There may also be some free music available. It all climaxes with the Night Carnival. You get an astounding display and a procession of performers and artists dressed up in splendid costumes.

Kew Gardens Autumn Displays

Every autumn day, Kew Gardens has has its hop-on-hop-off tours available for you. This minibus service allows you to take you time and explore all of the displays here. The weather might be changeable, but the professionals at Kew will still have you astounded. On a Monday you will also be able to take in the KMIS Lectures. Students, Doctors and Professors will take you an an exploration of flora around the world. There is also something for home gardeners available. I have heard word that growing your own grapes in England is on the rise. So come and find out how to go about it.

London Lord Mayor's Show

Finally lets not forget about the Lord Mayor's Show in London. For the last 800 years the procession has been taking place. It grows more and more attractive every year. There is a 3 miles procession of costumed figures in the march. It runs from Mansion House to the Royal Courts of Justice and then from Victoria Embankment back. In the march you have famous of people and street entertainers. It ends up in a finale of grand fireworks at 5pm from a barge moored on the River Thames between Waterloo bridge and Blackfriars bridge.

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