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Free London Attractions - Free Things To Do In London

Being a tourist in London with limited funds is not uncommon. But, there are lots of things you could do that are totally free of charge, like visit the Tate Galleries and National Portrait Gallery. Another one of the many things you can do is visit the array of splendid museums that have free entry. Those we look at here include the Royal Air Force Museum and additionally the Natural History Museum.

Free Galleries in London

No matter what kind of art appeals to you, early, modern or trendy stuff, you will find everything in the Tate Britain and Tate Modern. Additionally, essential viewing is the photographs of historic figures and celebrities along at the National Portrait Gallery. Entry to all is gratis and you will have a great time at any.

The Royal Air Force Museum Free Entry

The Royal Air Force Museum is another free attraction you will love to visit. It is located in Colindale about 10 miles North-West of Westminster Abbey and about 6.5 miles North-East of Wembley Stadium. When here you can check out the history of flight. There is also detail of the very first balloon flight. You can also look into the design of the most sophisticated Eurofighter. We have discovered more than 90 planes for your family to investigate here. Each of them has a unique and special past history. To be honest, the best way to describe this place is, where each young boy's fantasy can come true. Go on be a fighter pilot for a while.

The Natural History Museum In London Is Also Free To Get In

If however scary monsters from the past are really the things that intrigue you, then the Natural History Museum is one to check out. It boasts some fabulous dinosaur exhibits. Also there are thing to learn and see about Human Biology, the natural world of animals and saving the planet (Ecology). By a long long way the most fascinating exhibit here is "the charge within". This gives you and your family a real life experience that is supposed to be what an earthquake feels like. This will mean everyone has something interesting to look at and do while they visit.

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