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London Museums Travel Guide - Three Great Museums To See While Visiting London

Today there are a few very impressive museums in London which you should visit. The astounding National Maritime Museum is nestled in Greenwich and provides experiences of tremendous sea adventures. Next the elegant Museum of London takes you back into the memorable historical past of London. Lastly the astounding National Army Museum tells us about the history of impressive Armed forces of The UK. Note that these are only a handful of the wonderful museums available in London.

National Maritime Museum London

Lets start with and give you an idea about the impressive National Maritime Museum. This fabulous museum is strategically placed on Romney Road which is in Greenwich, London. This is certainly a major point of interest suitable holiday makers who happen to be history lovers. It is claimed to be the world's finest ever museum focusing on sea-faring. It has in it spectacular artwork, amazing models, terrific military medals and awards. You will wind up being pleasantly shocked when you go in by the spectacular sounds of crashing ocean waves. This tells you just what it will be all about inside. A nice touch imo.

All of the excellent galleries are arranged in themes. You will be able to figure out what different periods of time deal with what maritime history quite easily. There is something fantastic to experiment with for every single generation inside. You can furthermore take the time to view the museums guide books which are found at the front of the building as you enter. The personnel here are happy to tell you about just what to look and where anything specific is inside.

Museum of London - Free Entry

Secondly you have the fabulous Museum of London. Strategically placed at 150 London Wall, Westminster, London, this tourist attraction is free for you to get in to. Here you will have the opportunity to journey through Westminster's turbulent days in the past while under Roman and Saxon rule. You will also be able to go back in time to when London went through the civil war, the great fire and the great plague. History buffs will find this attraction the ideal place to drop by while in London. More on the Museum of London.

National Army Museum of London

Finally there is the wonderful National Army Museum. This one is strategically placed on Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, near to Gorden Ramseys Restaurant. This wonderful attraction showcases the history, the present and the future of The United Kingdom in terms of the Army. It's a tremendous opportunity for you understand what affect the Armed services has on Britain! Also the kids can learn how small but effective measures can a large influence in the long run.

This lovely museum has a few galleries which display really interesting art collections. In addition they arrange some amazing events here. This moreover will make this place a wonderful educational experience for little ones with a variety of attractions available for all of them.

Also worthy of note is the fact they have awesome areas that can be hired for memorable private festivities or even professional occasions. These lovely rooms can be hired at some very good prices dependant upon the kind of event and also the dates you want. More on the National Army Museum.

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