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London New Year Events for London New Years Eve

Coming to London at New Year? Here is some good advice about planning ahead. Hotels are usually booked up for their parties early so advanced booking here is also essential. Since New Years Eve in London 2000 pubs, night clubs and other venues have been driving home the ticket only events. This looks like it is likely to stay the way things are so book well in advance. Fireworks at the London Eye are a worldwide spectacular but have limited viewing space available. Come early and wrap up warm. The new years day parade through London has a huge range of floats, street entertainers and marching bands for you to sober up with.

London Hotels for New Years Eve Book in Advance

Many of our hotels have events on for new years eve. These do get booked up quickly. Office parties around Christmas and into the New Year mean spaces are very limited. The best way to assure you have room with them is to book as far in advance as is possible. The other reason is, when hotels start to have fewer rooms left, they put up their prices. So you can get a really good deal by booking ahead.

Plan Your London New Years Eve London

For a decade in London New Year has seen pub landlords, nightclub owners pushing ticket only events. Although this has seen a massive drop in number going out to celebrate (they have shot themselves in the foot really) it does mean booking to go out well in advance is advised and the Mayor of London's office agrees. The spectacular fireworks on the river Thames is always something to behold. However there is a limited amount of space. We advise looking for more details about the fireworks on the Mayor of London's Website. Traveling to London for New Year Eve and traveling around London is best done by public transport. There are many all night tube trains and buses put on specially for this night. Check out Transport for London for more details closer to the time

Fire Works at the London Eye

Every year since 2003 London has staged one of the greatest fireworks displays in the world on New Years Eve. Staged at the London Eye and just up and down the River Thames it has a massive near 2 million pound budget, according to the Mayor of London's Office. This splendid event gets televised world wide by the BBC. Viewing space is limited, So it is advised to turn up well wrapped and early if you wish to see this. Pre show music takes place outdoors from the BBC and the London Eye itself has illuminations. The full package is a family friendly event. Food and drink will be served from kiosks around the area. Temporary toilet facilities will also be installed. There will be a large crowd management plan in action to ensure the safety of all attendees, due to it popularity.

London New Years Day Parade

So you have had a great night out and have a hang over. Now it time for that family event to put you in a good mood and make you forget how hard you partied and made a fool of yourself all night. The Free, family friendly New Years Day Parade in London happens every years and this year is no exception. The Parade, begins 12 Noon on the 1st of January. Ports of call along it route include Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and Parliament Street. Enjoy the company of Pearly Kings and Queens, clowns and street entertainers, marching bands, great costumes and fabulous floats. More details are at http://www.londonparade.co.uk

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