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St Patricks Day in London - St Patricks Parade and Festival

London has one to the liveliest events in England on offer each year for St Patricks day. Everything gets going during the week. The St Patricks Day parade starts 12 midday, March the 13 at its end a festival traspires in Trafagar Square. Saint Patrick himself was origionally taken to Ireland as a slave. He returned as a Christian to become the patron saint of Ireland.

Festiveties During the Week

This multicutural event in London celebrates Irishness with events during the week. There are a number of book fairs and the colour green is to be seen throughout the city. Lots of restaurants give you the taste of Ireland with traditional Irish dishes. Also pubs will have many offers on traditional Irish drinks as well as staff with icons of Ireland all over them on the day itself, March 17.

Londons St Patricks Day Parade 2011

Events really kick off with a spectacular parade each year. In 2011 this starts at 12 noon on Sunday March the 13th. There will be lots of splendid costumes, maybe some floats and marching bands amongst a great sea of green and four leafed clovers. This parade starts in the heart of London at the Hyde Park end of Piccadilly. From this rallying point it traverses up toward Piccadilly Circus. It will then turn right into Regent Street. Next it passes by Trafalgar Square and finishes up in Whitehall. It is best to turn up early (12 midday to 1pm) as last year over 100000 people emjpyed this and the festival in Trafargar Square.

Climax of the Day - Irish Festival in Trafagal Sqaure

The party really gets going after the parade in Trafalgar Square. A large stage is home to performers from 12 noon. Events here include both traditional and contemporary Irish music. Also some fo the better known traditions, such as the dance (Irish dancing} are also on show. In the midst of all this there are also the traditional speeches and presentations.

The History - Who was Saint Patrick

So what are we celebrating? Patrick was captured at a young age and sold in Ireland as a slave. He later managed to escape from the emerald isle and return to his home. After his escape he entered the church and was ordained. During the sixth century he was reverend as the Patron Saint of Ireland which is how we all know of him. There is also the well known story of him chasing all the snakes from Ireland. To this day there are no snakes in Ireland, but there is no proof there ever was apart from pagan symbols of serpents that were worshiped before Christianity arrived.

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