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Visit One of the London Westminster Parks This Summer

When you are looking for a fabulous place to spend your hard earned cash this summer London should be top of the list. London has a lot of fabulous parks for you to enjoy many of which are open to the public and are free.

Summertime in London is a fabulous time to visit this fabulous city. There is a high probability of some fabulous sunshine, which often brings the very best spirits out in the local people. What that means for you, as a visitor is that you get a really fabulous feeling and fabulous atmosphere where ever you go in the city. London in the summer is a truly fabulous place to visit!

Visiting Hyde Park

So, lets look at some of the options of parks available to visitors. Lets start with the most famous Hyde Park in Westminster. This place is absolutely enormous in size. Its location in the very middle of London makes it very easy to find and get to. Within it ground there is a fabulous amount of green grass and a fabulous number of trees. There is also a fabulous lake called the serpentine and the fabulous Round Pond, which is great for model sailboats.

A walk in the park in the centre of the capital during the day is a fabulous idea. It is also possible to use other modes of transport all over including cycles, roller skates / blades or a skateboard on any one of the many designated paths whihc are available specifically for these activities.

Getting to Hyde Park on the Tube

Getting here on public transport is easy. There are numerous buses that pass by as this area is huge. Also there are a good number of tube stations close by. Queensway is located in the North-west corner. Lancaster Gate is to the centre North. Marble Arch is in the North-east where speakers corner is also located. Hyde Park corner is in the South-eastern corner. Knightsbridge is central South-east. Within walking distance of the South-west corner is High Street Kensington. Hyde Park this summer is definitely on my to do list!

Visit The Regent's Park

Next, staying central still in Westminster, lets see what is in store for us in Regents Park. In this park one of the main attractions is the villas or large houses as they were originally. Unfortunately most are still in use as private dwellings so are not open to the public but you can still catch a view from the outside.

The first is the residence of the American Ambassador. Next is Grove House which has a large garden running along next to Regents Canal. Then we have Hanover Lodge which was bought buy a former peer Usha Bagri for 5.9 million pounds. While he was the resident a firm of contractors were tekn to court for knocking down two listed buildins. Also he left the House of Lords for tax reasons. Lastly he sold this house to a Russian for well over 110 milion pounds. What a bounder! Staying with the asian theme, there is also the Islamic Cultural Centre and London Central Mosque which was where the lovely but sadly now demolished Albany Cottage once stood.

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