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The Larrick at the Prince of Teck Pub in London Earls Court Reviews

Known to some as the Larrick, known to others as the Prince of Teck. This is one of the best known and liked contemporary pubs in Earls Court. It has two bars. Both bars have a good English London feel to it. The decor is a bit regular for a London pub with wood tables and no real individuality to it. Having said that like any venue ion the area when its full it does have some atmosphere.


There is a varied food menu. By all accounts it is OK but not brilliant. This is not a gastro pub. It is simply a pub that serves food. The snacks are a little pricey but, are good. Toasted Pitta Bread with Salad is not cheap but it is and Earls Court pub after all. but the mains, which average only bit more, are served in admirable portions. Pub grub is something you should really try at least once while in London. Here is a place you can do that and get a reasonable meal for a reasonable price.

Drinks - Beer Wine and Cocktails

The Prince of Teck also has an extensive wine list. you could almost call it a wine bar if you are so inclined. Around 30 different varieties are available from around the world. Also as you'd expect, they have a good selection of ale. The cocktail menu is also worth a look. You will recognise many of the splendid productions they offer.

No Longer an Aussie Sports Bar

A while back the downstairs was different. It was an Australian themed bar. Probably the most overtly Aussie bar in the whole area. There is even a stuffed kangaroo keeping guard on the room. The range of food and drink reflects the coalescence of the rustic and the refined. You can go for a Moroccan chicken salad or good old fish and chips. Also when I was last there Staropramen or Hoegaarden lagers or London Pride real ale.

A big-screen TV for the sporting events, plenty of reading material, fruit machines and a jukebox all earn the Prince of Teck extra marks. Live music on Saturday nights.

Both floors are often full. Especially if there's a cricket or rugby game on. A gregarious atmosphere permeates each bar and could almost be called a social club. I can't comment too highly on how friendly and cheerful the bar staff are here. They really do add to the enjoyment of your visit. Places like this are hard to find in London, even more so now it has been done out.

Two star rating imageJohn sent us some thoughts saying: No kangaroos here anymore :( It's now a standard wine bar type place

Four star rating imageStorminnorman who knows it well tells us: The Prince of Teck is the best pub out of a bunch of good Pubs along Earls Court Road. You would have trouble getting inside the P of E on Australia Day and if Australia playing the All Blacks is being screened. The Upstairs Bar puts on very good meals reasonably priced for London. Its popularity comes back to it being exceptionally well run by the popular manager Stuart and the rest of his friendly crew. You haven't really visited London unless you`ve been to the Prince of Teck

Four star rating imageKathryn in Houston sent her review saying: This was a great pub, whether hanging out upstairs or watching football downstairs. The staff are awesome - especially the ladies upstairs. It was our favourite pub in the area when we were there (FEB 09), and we tried quite a few! Can't wait to go back next time we're in London!

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Prince of Teck
161 Earls Court Road London
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7373 4291

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