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Reviews of The Blackbird Pub in Earls Court London

Despite the makeover it got, just like most traditional pubs have had, the King's Head is still a nice place for a quiet weekday drink. It may not be as busy as other pubs in the area yet this can be preferable to some folks. I personally dont like to much of the lowd blaring music all the time. I supposed it depends on what you are in the mood for when you are in the Earls Court area. You may find yourself here on a quiz night. In contrast if you are into hearing what local DJ's can do, there might be one in session here. Maybe some of the girls could get togther for a chilled night here too.

Still Feels Like A Classic Pub

The esoteric charm of the old pub, this once was, still remains. This is thanks mainly to its somewhat clandestine position down a back street. I was pleasantly surprised by the ample selection of drinks for what is a relatively small pub. There are plenty of Continental options, particularly Belgian beers, as well as a strong contingent of real ales and some more unusual offerings, like the organic cider.

Modern British Food

The Modern British menu is also pretty diverse, offering dishes like the Chargrilled Tuna Steak with Hot Lime Dressing alongside old favourites like the Sunday Roast, which is embellished with the inspired additions of focaccia and English ale chutney.

The 1960's Reputation

The pub acquired a degree of notoriety in the 1960s due to its infamous patron Christine Keeler, the model and showgirl who was at the centre of the Profumo Affair. It's said she used to drink here before letting her hair down at the wild parties of 60s London. Fruit machines and a giant-screen TV tuned to Sky Sports feature amongst the facilities.

Five star rating image Sue emailed us to say: Just had a trade fair at earls court and always looked forward to spending evening here. Very nice place to stumble across!!

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The King's Head
17 Hogarth Place,
Junction Kenway Road,
Tel: 020 7244 5931

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