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Reviews Of Berners Tavern Berners Street Fitzrovia Near Soho London

Five star rating imageKevin Ireson says: Although technically this restuarant is not in Soho it is within such easy reach we included it here. Also the food and dining experience is so lovely we realy did have to say something about it!

This fabulous place is actually the third one to be opened up by the same people in the same season. All three are divine with the delightful and delicious plates of food served here being a real treat. This startup company is in same vein, however it is in a much nicer place. It's located in magnificent Fitzrovia, London, inside the delightfully renovated Edition hotel. The dining room is filled with character by the large number of oil and water colour paintings up the length of the walls. The splendid chandelier in the centre of the rooms just completes this picture.

The food here comes at a price but is absolutely worth the money. A starter of scallops and salad is turned into a space age looking dish like a landscape of radio telescopes scanning the stars. The meat and two veg is transformed into a superbly cooked main course that delights your eyes and will do the same to your taste buds. The puddings, well what a great way to finish off on a real high. What anywhere else would be an eclair and a lump of chocolate ice cream is made into a work of art. It is all a real delight to the eyes but, also a delight to all of your other senses.

We will be going back again soon, what a treat!

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Berners Tavern, 10 Berners Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 3NP
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7908 7979

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