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Royal Wedding Westminster Abbey - Prince Andrew - Kate Middleton

Prince William asked permission first and then asked Kate Middleton to marry him while in Kenya. Plans are afoot to arrive by car and leave in a Royal fashion. They have both put trust in close family members as best man and maid of honour. The wedding will be at Westminster Abbey where many Royal weddings have be held and it was their agreed choice. Kate is hoping once married she will slip into working with the Royals strait away. She already does some great work for the charity Starlight.

The Time and the Place Was Just Right to Propose

According to BBC reports, Price William asked for the permission of Kate's father, Mr Michael Middleton, to marry his daughter. This is just what you would expect of a traditional British gentleman of olde. Price William also informed all of the Royal Family of his intentions, just as the second in line to the throne would.

According to the Prince in an interview with the BBC, Price William and Kate Middleton had some private time together with some friends. The Prince bit the bullet, taking Kate out "somewhere nice in Kenya" during October and proposed to her.

This may come as quiet a shock to Britain's who thought perhaps the city of romance in England York might have been chosen. However for young couple in love, the bracing breeze around York Minster might have been too much. Lets face it when the mood takes you, some warm weather would definitely help, or as the Prince and Kate said, "The time felt just right.". The true romantic in the Prince blazed forth in a beautiful location. To Kate this was "... a total shock when it came." She said she thought he might have contemplated it at some point, but it was a surprise. The Prince said that plans had been afoot for some three weeks, as he had been carrying his mother's engagement ring with him for that time in his rucksack.

More recently it has come to light from Clarence House, that the Princes best man is to be, well a Prince. The fun loving Brother of Prince William Prince Harry has been asked to do the honours. Kate has asked her sister Pippa (Philippa) to be her maid of honour. So the scene is becoming more set as we get closer to the big day.

Mindful of Austere Times on The Biggest Day of Their Lives 29 April 2011

This occasion will be the day of their lives. They want to celebrate it in true British fashion. Making it their own they say they want it to be a great celebration yet, are mindful of the austere times. Thus we might expect less opulence but, no less pageant than we have come to expect at Royal occasions.

Kate Middleton will arrive by car at Westminster Abbey. This is the couples choice. However, as she will leave as a member of the British Royal Family, the couple will be whisked away in a horse drawn carriage. The route taken by Kate Middleton on the way in will be the reverse of the route on the way back. So many people will have an opportunity to get a glimpse of the couple. This route on the way back includes 6 definite locations: Westminster Abbey, Parliament Square, Whitehall, Horse Guards Parade, The Mall and completes at Buckingham Palace.

Royal Weddings in the Historic Westminster Abbey on 29th 04 2011

The wedding itself is to be held in the historic Westminster Abbey. The service is to be conducted by the Very Reverend Dr John Hall, the Dean of Westminster. The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr Rowan Williams will marry the couple. The service is to begin promptly at 11am.

This Abbey was originally a Benedictine monastery. On 28 December 1065 Edward the Confessor dedicated it as an Abbey. William the Conqueror was crowned here on 25 December 1066. The building as we know it was begun in 1245 by Henry III. 1301 saw the production of the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey, which has been used in every coronation since then. Queen Victoria was crowned here on 28 June 1838. More recently on 2 June 1953 Queen Elizabeth II, the reigning British Monarch and Prince William's Grandmother, was crowned here.

British Royal Family Traditions

There is also a great tradition of royal weddings at Westminster Abbey. This most recent one will be the 15th at this location. Most of the Princes close family marriages have been held here. Firstly includes Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) being married to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten (now the Duke of Edinburgh) on 20 November 1947. Secondly, Princess Margaret married Antony Armstrong-Jones (now the Earl of Snowdon) on 6 May 1960. Thirdly, Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips on 14 November 1973. Finally, Prince William's younger brother Prince Andrew married Miss Sarah Ferguson here on 23 July 1986.

The Royal Future of Kate Middleton and Her Starlight Charity Work

Kate Middleton wants to get right into working with the Royal Family. Her charity work for Starlight is already well documented and has a great theme to it. Starlight's motto is "Giving children their childhood back." They provide terminally ill children with a once in a lifetime opportunity to do what they want. They fulfil children dreams, not unlike the old TV program Jim'll fix it used to do.

Starlight also produce pantomimes for ill children. Nothing like a bit of boo hiss and cheer to take a child's mind off an illness. The Royal healing treatment of laughter is also very much a part of the organisations philosophy both through panto and parties they put on. They also provide Starlight Fun Centres. These technologic masterpieces take children's minds off of their pain letting them play video games when ever they wish. This is a great distraction for them. We are sure to see more of this sort of thing after Miss Middleton has been married. .