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Tourist Attractions in London Historic Buildings

When on holiday in London the below are what our survey considers to be the MUST SEE London Attractions. These are the ones that you may well have heard of and some hopefully you will be discovering as new. The survey we carried out amongst both Londoners and tourists that we came across, gave us a good idea of what people wanted to see. We are working on this list to make sure that you, the people interested in the historic buildings in London and tourist attractions in London find what you require.

We also produce many other London articles that will be on interest to travelers. Don't hesitate to send us comments on any and all of these.

Recent Articles about London Attractions

  • London Summer Events When in London for the summer there are lots of events you can choose to see. This is a list of some we have chosen for you because we think they are fantasic!
  • Westminster Parks can be nice to spend some time in in the summer in London. Have a look at these two for top choices.
  • When you are looking for some of the good London walking tours it can be hard to find the right one. Here we dicuss some of the benefits of getting a really good one.
  • Kate Middleton and Prince Andrew Royal Wedding is on the cards now for 29 April 2011. Enjoy a national holiday and join in the countries celebrations.
  • St Patricks Day in London - London Irish have been a great asset to London over the years. It is time to join in a party with the St Patrick's Day parade and, a music and cultural festival in the centre of the city. This parade is one not to be missed with its sea of green and marching bands.
  • London New Year - The fireworks in London at New Year are a great world wide spectacle. View space is limited and hotels get booked up so plan ahead.
  • Churchill War Rooms (Cabinet War Rooms) and Churchill museum - have changed their names to commemorate Churchill's become prime minster 70 year ago in May of 1940. Located close to the Houses of Parliament. Left as there were vacated, visiting gives you a true feel of war times. Some rooms for the PM and War Cabinet are no bigger than prison cells.
  • Trooping of the Colour - A magnificent spectacle in June for all the family. Celebrate the Queen's official birthday.
  • State Opening of Parliament - An opportunity for the public to see the Queen exists when this symbolic ceremony takes place.
  • Pageant of the Household Cavalry - In june a military horse spectacular is on show. A pageant by the Queens own mounted bodyguards.

Top London Attractions

  • Buckingham Palace - No introduction needed to this fine residence I am sure. Official home of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Nelson's Column - A monument in Trafalgar Square dedicated to Admiral Nelson who did pay the ultimate price for his monarch and country.
  • St Paul's Cathedral - The best known Cathedral in Europe. Worth a look outside and in.
  • Tower Bridge - This wonderful towering, raising bridge rivals and other in Europe as "The Masterpiece" of bridges. Still today it carries London city traffic and opens.
  • Tower of London - This is definitely one of the most famous and well preserved London historic buildings in the world. If you don't go to see this one ... your haven't seen London yet!
  • The Globe Theatre - The reconstructed round theatre in London where William Shakespeare's plays were performed and still are today.
  • Albert Memorial - Queen Victoria's love of her husband Prince Albert shown here with a magnificent London Monument.
  • The Cutty Sark - A preserved Clipper ship in Greenwich England. Dry docked for you and the family to explore. A favourite for all ages as shown by the 15 million plus visitors.
  • The Millennium Wheel - A relatively new London attraction. Take a ride here and see London from a new perspective.
  • The Royal Observatory - A historic building well worth a tour in Greenwich. Historically this is where the our modern globe gets its prime meridian from. Fun and knowledge for the family astronomers and nautical enthusiasts
  • Victoria & Albert museum - Must see London ... this museum hold such a vast array wonders it is next to impossible to describe on one page. We have done our best for you so have a scan. When you visit .. you just haven't seen London until you have been here.
  • National Maritime Museum - For the navel enthusiasts among you both young and old Greenwich is the place to see this the great story of a great navel nation.
  • Houses of Parliament - The home of the power. The folks that take the tax off you and keep the country running, or so I am told, sit in here debating and voting.
  • Hampton court - If you like regal you are going to love this one. Its so regal .. i could not take any photos of it. A good description though i think you will agree.
  • Piccadilly circus - Place to meet on the street just before you go off and shop till you drop. Great fun but watch your credit cards you could end up broke.
  • Westminster Abbey - Wow. Magnificent. Managed to get in on a nice summers day. Worth a trip in itself. Don't let the photos fool you. ITS BIG!
  • British museum - You can spend days here and not get board. All you ever wanted in a museum in my opinion.

Other London Attractions

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