June - Household Cavalry Pageant at Horse Guards Parade

June in London is the perfect time to visit. There are many events which take place here. One of the most spectacular is the Household Calvary during their pageant.

In 2007, to mark Queen Elizabeth II opening the Horse Guards Museum, this special event has been produced for you. All precedes form the event will go to the Museum. Ticket booking will be required and information is available @ The Household Cavalries Website

This one off spectacle is sure to be an event to remember for a lifetime. 220 horses with 2 mounted bands will be performing for you. Coronation processions are to be recreated, along with a charge by the Cavalry. Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry and Michael Portillo will provide the commentary and voices.

Horseguards Museum

This museum is on the move. Presently located in Combermere Barracks, Windsor in August 2007 it will move to the Horsegaurds Building. This new location has always been an attraction to tourists. The guards here on horseback and foot are spectacularly dressed. it will be a greater attraction, with the museum holding a great history of the Horseguards uniforms and memorabilia. Viewing the Life Gaurds stable of the Queen, from here, will be possible.

The Household Calvary

These are the mounted bodyguard of the Queen. They have been in existence for over 300 years. Known for their fabulous uniforms and head dress. The head dress they wear is gold, with a bright red tail coming from the top of the helmet to around the back of the neck of the wearer. Once you have seen on e you will not forget it. They have 2 mounted bands, the Hoursegaurds band and the Blues and Royals band.