Kew Gardens Spring Festival Choice Event for March

Spring is in the air! Kew Gardens, in London, lets you know about it by holding one of the most spectacular festivals of the year.

The sight that greets you in the gardens at this time alive will take you breath away. Over 5 million bulbs, in bloom by April, promises to be a feast of colour.

Forget all the blues of winter, it is time to come back to life. Visiting Kew will do much more than that, it will put a spring in your step with the vast array of beautiful flowers on offer.

Guided Tours

There are two guided tours of Kew Gardens per day, that last approximately 1 hour. You will need to register with a guide about 15 minutes before the tour leaves, so getting there early is wise. The tours leave from the Guides' Desk at 11AM and 2PM. You can find the desk simply by asking as you enter. You will be directed to its location near Victoria Plaza on Kew Road. Personally I would always take advantage of a tour that is available. The local knowledge that these volunteers have and want to share with you, is definitely worth the time. Things that you may well pass by and not notice will be pointed out by someone with a genuine interest in the gardens.

Kew Spring Festival Dates and Times

The gates will be open on:

10 Mar 2007 until 22 Apr 2007

The times of opening are:

9.30 AM - 5.30 PM

Getting to Kew Gardens

If you are visiting London there is only one way to get to Kew, the Tube. There is on any good map of the London Underground a station marked as Kew Gardens. We recommend you use public transport for environmental reasons and because there is not much in the way of car parking.

More than just the Gardens

Kew is in south London, in Richmond. It is just south of the river Thames. Most visitors will ignore south London and yet, there is a good number of attractions to see around here. First and foremost there is the ROyal Botanic Gardens at Kew but, there is also;

Other near by Attractions

  • The Musical Museum,
    368 High Street, Brentford
  • The National Archives,
    Ruskin Avenue Kew
  • Kew Bridge Steam Museum,
    Green Dragon Lane Brentford

For more information about what's happening and when at Kew Gardens try this site:

Official Website for the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew