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Soho Pubs Reviews Of Public Houses In Soho London

Well you have to statr reviews somewhere, so lets give it a go. You, my dear readers, your unqiue content here would help a great deal. I hope to hear form you.

Lets face it, when you go to London going to Soho is a must. There are a good number of excellent taverns in this vibrant area of the city. Ther are as diverse as they could possibly be. You can find great cocktail and champagne bar as well as your good old fashioned local London pub here.

The reviews that you have here are a collaberation between you, the general fun loving public and us a professional team that want to inform you about London. Although we cannot gaurantee any and all the information here is accurate, we do our best for you. So now its time for the pubs. Have a look and click below to find out where to go in Soho.

London Soho Pubs

Three star rating image Dog and Duck 18 Bateman Street Soho London W1D 3AJ Tel: 0207 494 0697

Great food and drink is always available in this splendid pub.

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