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Soho Guide - Travellers Guide To Astounding Soho London

With the memorable wonders central London holds it is not surprising it is among the most popular places to go to here. The jewel in the crown of London has to be London Soho. A trip here will be nothing short of terrific. Soho is a modest sized area in the awesome West End of London. Its is bordered by Oxford Street in the North, Leicester Square to the South, Regent Street in the very West and Charing Cross Road to the East. There are lots of areas within it that you can enjoy, each has a unique flavour. There is the great London Chinatown. This part is usually abundant with tourists hoping for the magnificent adventure during one of the many great West End shows. In addition you cannot forget that Soho has a lot of great restaurants you can have a meal at before and after your show.

That's not the end of it though. A great day out in Soho could easily develop into a wonderful night out too. There are countless great nightclubs, splendid pubs and superb bars. Soho is lively through the daytime, the evening hours and into the night have no fear.

Fabulous Restaurants in Soho

A trip here will not be complete without having a taste of the great and distinct cuisine that is supplied here. It is a brilliant location for every fan of amazing food. It does not matter what type of food you like, be it the very highest quality in amazing fine dining or maybe you are on a tight spending budget. Either way London Soho offers a great collection of restaurants. It offers you breathtaking alternatives for every desire imaginable and some at an economical price.

So let us look at Some of the more highly recommended examples.

  • Recommended for Breakfast
  • Fernandez & Wells - 73 Beak Street
  • Nordic Bakery - 14A Golden Square
  • Milk Bar - 3 Bateman Street
  • Flat White - 17 Berwick Street
  • Budget But Still Tasty
  • Bi Bim Bap - 11 Greek Street - splendid Korean dishes
  • Busaba Eathai - 8-13 Bird Street - remarkable Tai meals
  • Koya - 49 Frith Street - stunning Japanese noodle meals
  • Very Tasty Indeed
  • Hix - 66-70 Brewer Street - awesome seasonal British cuisine
  • Soho Joe - Dean Street - magnificent Italian cuisine and superb pizza
  • Pierino - 37 Thurloe Place - another highly recommended Italian restaurant
  • Meze Mangal - 245 Lewisham Way - fabulous Turkish meals

Outstanding Nights Out in Soho

You can not really say you have been to Soho without examining the tremendous night life on offer here. There is a plethora of exciting, memorable bars, remarkable night clubs and fabulous pubs. All around the area it is the great atmosphere and incredible music available that is seducing the barflies. You can find a whole lot of extraordinary unique action to boot. Take for example the wonderful Cafe de Paris. This gives you splendid burlesque shows and some space on the floor to dance the night away. Also as an alternative you have the well known gay scene in Old Compton Street for people who really know how to let their hair down.

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